FlightNight is Flight Gear's longest running community multiplayer event and is simply a chance for people to get together, fly alongside one another and add a more casual social element to our flightsimming. It takes place EVERY SATURDAY at 8pm London time and has been going on since 2010, something we are very proud of.

Anyone can be flight leader, just come up with the route and an idea of aircraft to use and we'll follow - there isn't much more to it than that.




We don't have any rules to be awkward or dictatorial, but over the years we've found there are some things which cause choke points or add to the workload of those trying to enjoy the flight so we've got a few rules just to keep things as simple as possible.


  •  Comms should be via TeamSpeak, we don't mind if you can't use a microphone or are shy, we'd like to chat to you of course but sometimes that's just not possible but we do give all the flight instructions via TeamSpeak so if you can just listen but mute your microphone that's fine. We also appreciate everyone might not have a headset, that's fine too - just get in touch and we can send you a listen only earpiece if getting one is an issue for you.

    You can connect via TeamSpeak (clients available for all OS's here - even run it on your phone if you want) and use the details available here.

  • The aircraft to be used are ones available in the FGUK hangar (link in the top menu) Yes we know there are many absolutely excellent aircraft out there for FlightGear but especially recently we've had a lot of occasions where people can't see the majority of the aircraft taking part in the FlightNight and that really ruins the experience for those there. It's not at all egotistical, we're just trying to make sure everyone gets the chance to equally enjoy their night.

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